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Artwork in facility

This recommendation contributes to improvements in
Brand & aesthetics

Meaningful integration of artwork to interior space in larger areas with soft seating or benches provides employees recharging areas for short breaks.  The addition of design elements (visual communication and graphics) and artwork to the workplace can create a calming environment able to improve occupant mood. Artwork and graphics could also work as landmarks to facilitate space navigation. Research has shown links between art in the facility and employee sense of being valued by the organization.

Some research suggests that viewing artwork can reduce stress. Calming visual work also can set the mood and culture of a work area. If a work area is meant for collaboration, having artwork that represents can be helpful. Artwork can demonstrate the culture of an area and be a source of fun expression. Many workplaces are known for their unique visual art, neon graphics, typography, framed magazines, etc. Employees, visitors, and others will gain a sense of the organization from this work.


Consider integrating artwork into the workspace especially in casual areas with soft seating or benches for employees to recharge.


Artwork and graphics can serve the dual purpose of communication that employees are valued, and can serve as landmarks for employees and visitors to more effectively navigate the facility.

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If you want to learn more, we suggest the following resources:

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Malaka Gharib. Feeling Artsy? Here’s How Making Art Helps Your Brain. NPR. Jan., 2020.

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