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Change management program

Successful workplace change involves a purposeful set of communication strategies, participatory methods, and tactics that help guide a team through a particular transition. Effective change management starts with engaged leaders who focus on communicating why the work environment is essential to the overall mission, vision, culture, and evolution of the business.

Studies show that 50% of organizational change processes in companies are not successful. It is essential for companies to have a change management program in place for the effective communication of the business. Leaders are important because they must attain buy-in from employees by helping them see the need for change in the company. As change occurs after leaders implement a strategic plan, new structures, rules, and rewards will prevent a recurrence of old familiar patterns. Without a formal plan or actors involved, change will not occur. 


Employers should consider a structured workplace change communication plan that emphasizes the legitimate business reasons for the change as well as the benefits of the new workplace design or location from the employees’ perspective.


Prior to implementing a workplace change communication program, survey the workforce to understand the desired communication media/approach (such as email, website, lunch n’ learn, manager meetings, etc.


Recognize that not all employees embrace change. The purpose of workplace change communication is not to make all employees happy, it is to give all employees sufficient information and training prior to the change, so they can “hit the ground running” and understand how to effectively use the new workspace, and be effective at work from Day one.

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If you want to learn more, we suggest the following resources: 

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