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Task lighting

Adequate ambient light and a glare-free, low-reflection workplace, can be supported by adding task lighting, allowing users to determine their own lighting needs, according to their activities. Adjustable task lighting should have an illuminance of 300 to 500 lux, and a color temperature between 2,500K-  4,000K.

An adjustable task light should provide illumination for papers on your work surface, while not producing glare on your computer screen. Since work often involves switching between viewing paper documents to your computer screen, this targeted approach is best. Many people experience eye strain or eye disturbances as a result of their work area. Often too much overhead light or excessive glare worsens eye strain. By having a separate task light for the worksurface, computer screen brightness can be set lower. A warmer light tone also lessens eye strain. Increasing control over the light source in the workspace allows for comfort and enhanced productivity.


Desk/primary work surface should have an adjustable task light.


The task lighting should have an illuminance of 300 to 500 lux approximate.


The task lighting should have a color temperature between 2,500K – 4,000K.


The work area should provide adequate ambient light, glare-free, with low-reflection.

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