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Enhance visual access within, and outside of building

This recommendation contributes to improvements in Space Planning

Overall, legibility is related to how quickly people can understand, and navigate, the interior layout of a building, and effectively understand the intended use of all the workspaces within. One aspect of legibility is to provide good visual access to destinations or landmarks both within the office space, and through views to the outside. Views to landmarks can help people orient themselves within the space and navigate more effectively. In general, visual access within the building can help to overcome an overly complex floor plan, since people can more easily see ahead to the destination, person, or resource they are seeking.


Lower the internal horizon by lowering the height of the furnishings and interior architectural elements within the space.


Ensure that visual access to perimeter windows (and thus exterior views) is preserved from as many locations on the floor plate as possible.


Design the layout so that “visual paths” or sightlines to important features, landmarks, within the space are preserved.

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If you want to learn more, we suggest the following resources:

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De-Stress the work experience with a new language for office design. M. O’Neill, 2020.

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