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Work surface / fixed table

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Individual Workspace

First to consider with worksurface dimensions is the work process of the typical user. If the worker is only occasionally in the office, a small work surface may be satisfactory. If the worker is an artist, architect, engineer or profession that requires space for a range of paper documents and items, then a larger work surface is necessary. A work surface with the correct dimensions for the job will offer better support for the work process. Provide clearance under the workspace for legs without contacting the surface above, for ease of movement during changes in posture. Take into account cultural and regional context. For instance in some countries with high population density the average work surface size is smaller than in other regions.

Typical recommended surface dimensions range from 18" -24" depth, and 48"- 60" width. If storage is placed under the work surface, a 60" width surface is recommended.


The workspace must have an adequate work surface area.


The surface of the desk should be 18” – 24” depth, 48” – 60” width.


The workspace should have clearance under the work surface for legs without contacting the surface.


The work surface should have room for frequently used work tools.


If storage will be under the work surface, the surface should have a 60” width.

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