An AI solution to strengthen your human-centered workplace. 

HumanSpace™ helps you identify and improve workplace capabilities that increase workforce retention and performance, and reduce stress.

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Dr. Mike O'Neill and the global HumanSpace team offer AI-driven insights that help you create a workplace that reduces employee stress, and improves well-being, performance and retention. Using our proprietary analytics we help you make better decisions for a sustainable workplace strategy and to future-proof your managed and hybrid workplace. 

Dr. Mike has degrees in Architecture and Behavioral Science and is author of three books on how to use workplace design to reduce stress and improve workforce performance. His work as a data scientist has helped him connect the intersection between people and workspace for many clients. He is a co-author of the ANSI-HFES 100 national ergonomic workstation standards and his most recent 2018 book "The Healthy Workplace Nudge,” was a finalist for the 2020 CORENET Global Innovation Award.