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An AI solution to strengthen your human-centered workplace. 

HumanSpace™ identifies the workplace capabilities that are most important to the retention, performance, and stress of your workforce.

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Convincing metrics and a financial case for workplace change.

We used Machine Learning to create the predictive analytics based on 40+ rigorous studies and over 40,000,000 data points collected from 120 countries and 12 industries. These tools can be applied to improve the quality of life and organizational return on investment for workers in the office, home, healthcare, and higher-ed settings.

HumanSpace™  optimizes the workplace to enhance well-being.

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Receive unbiased insights that apply specifically to your organization.

Basic Level

The Basic program lets you dip your toe in the water. It uses averaged data to help you assess the impact of your current spaces on workforce performance and stress outcomes and get an ROI for your annual space cost.


  • Use it to estimate the payback of a proposed project.

  • Try "what if" scenarios - "If I increase the quality of focus spaces, how does that affect predicted workforce stress?"

Professional Level

The Professional program adds several important capabilities to the Basic Level:

  • A unique employee survey, to rate their spaces. This data is used to make a more accurate prediction of the outcomes.

  • Compare your results against 12 different industry benchmarks.

  • The "Top 3" most important workplace capabilities to attain the workforce outcomes - to take the risk out of your planning decisions. 

Premium Level

At the Premium Level, you receive the ultimate in validity of the outcomes and insights.


  • We help you every step of the way with a virtual Project Manager.

  • This level offers a comprehensive workplace survey, and includes workforce profile data from your organization.

  • The final report includes a graphic illustration showing the insights applied to schematic planning.

How it works


All you need is a project name, the number of people using the space, and the square footage.


Rate your workplace on six capabilities or use our powerful survey.


With the power of AI, HumanSpace immediately provides your results.

Build consensus with your leadership team for a workplace strategy that puts your people at the center of the solution.

The meaning of "the office" has fundamentally changed - move forward with confidence to re-prioritize investments in workspace, furnishings, amenities, and technology.


This example report summarizes the financial and strategic insights we offer to help you define your future workplace.

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Our Reports

Put people at the center of your new workplace strategy - and take the lead in driving business success.

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Dr. Mike O'Neill


Dr. Mike and the HumanSpace team offer data-based insights that help you create a workplace that reduces employee stress, and improves well-being, performance and retention. Using our experience and proprietary analytics we help you create a sustainable workplace strategy and identify key capabilities to future-proof your managed workplace and hybrid workplace portfolio. 

Our tools let you quickly estimate the financial ROI of your workplace capital expense or annual facility costs on employee operating expense related to retention and amount of work completed. You also get an estimate of the impact of your office on employee stress. 

Dr. Mike is author of three books on how to use workplace design to reduce stress and improve performance, and is a regular public speaker. He is a co-author of the ANSI national ergonomic workstation standards and his most recent 2018 book "The Healthy Workplace Nudge,” was a finalist for the 2020 CORENET Global Innovation Award.


Previously Mike served in Research and Workplace Strategy leadership positions within Herman Miller, Knoll and Haworth in the commercial office interiors industry. Before that he was a professor within the interior design, and industrial engineering departments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Earlier he worked at BOSTI, a pioneering workplace consulting firm.


Tina Krebs, Chief People Officer Relias

By baselining employee happiness in their work environment,  empowers companies with critical data so they can ensure future environmental changes result in an overall net positive change.


Andrea Sánchez, Co-founder & Partner Studio Sur

 HumanSpace increased the manager’s confidence in the project. It showed us improvements in performance, wellness, and satisfaction. This is fantastic news for us! Now we can prove the space really makes a difference and that investment in this kind of strategy leads to high profits.

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