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Concierge & reception services

This recommendation contributes to improvements in User experience

Provide concierge or reception services to facilitate a hybrid work model and accommodate employee and visitor needs. While digital support for the functions of a concierge are critical (room reservation Apps, etc.), having a face-to-face interaction when users have questions or requests regarding the space functionality, operation of technology, office navigation, tools needed, etc. can enhance the workplace experience for employees and visitors and successfully support a hybrid workplace strategy.


Larger offices that have a constant stream of employees physically visiting from other locations, and outside visitors (vendors, customers) and/or a large proportion of hybrid workers, should consider an in-person (human) reception/concierge function.


The backbone of a successful concierge function will be a digital technology that supports room reservations, but in the future consider how the digital option can be used to more deeply enhance the user experience such as providing nudges (suggestions for behaviors or activities) throughout the work day for mental and physical well-being


A reception service staffed with people is an excellent counter-weight to a purely digital experience for users - however a concierge function can also be offered digitally.

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