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Personal technology

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Working from home during COVID-19 led some companies to offer stipends for home-office technology intended for individual use, such as printers and internet access. Some organizations are offering allowances for personal technology as part of the benefits of new hiring packages for remote or hybrid workers. Personal technology such as internet connection, a laptop, and a smartphone and tablet are now considered essential in the digital age of working.

Personal technology provided by the company must not be considered private, however. Employees must assume the work they do on workplace technology is recorded and seen. Optimizing personal technology for the role and job responsibilities will improve employee performance.


Employees shall have access to a secure wireless internet connection that provides access to corporate resources and tools, regardless of their work location.


Employers should consider providing a technology allowance for their employees, to drive engagement and retention.


Managers and IT departments should understand that technology tool needs and requirements will vary based on the role and job responsibilities - beware “one size fits all” technology standards.

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