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Social, casual interaction spaces

This recommendation contributes to improvements in Space planning

In the office working on a couch or other lounge furniture feels more comfortable for some people. Lounge furniture can be used to create informal areas within the floorplate. Lounge furniture used within casual interaction spaces take away some of the formality of working within the office setting and may promote spontaneous interactions. Lounge furniture does not have to sacrifice ergonomic comfort. 

Casual areas should have cushions of various sizes for people to use and adjust their seating comfort and working posture as needed. Lounge furniture can support safe ergonomic postures for people using devices such as laptops and tablets. Select furniture with firm seat and back cushions, preferably with soft, wide armrests. Offer support pillows so users can adjust for seat depth and lumbar support, and for arm support when seated in the middle of a couch, and when holding a tablet or other device.


Lounge furniture should support ergonomic postures for people working with mobile devices.


Lounge furniture should have firm seat and back cushions, with soft wide armrests.


Lounge furniture should have side pillows available to adjust support.

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If you want to learn more, we suggest the following resources:

Oscar Hartzog. 10 Things You Need to Work From Your Couch. RollingStone. April 2020.

Darren Riccio. 9 Ergonomic Tips for Synchronizing Your Work Station and Office Chair. April 2020.

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