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Storage in workspace or locker

This recommendation contributes to improvements in
Individual Workspace

Provide employees with adequate storage in their workspaces or another specific area for these purposes (lockers or centralized storage). Storage should support different user needs, allowing easy access to work materials and personal items.


In addition, some employees may use a fitness center at lunch time, have business meetings after work, and may need a change of clothes or to store external items. Lockers give employees security as well as flexibility while they are at work without impeding on the workspace. Storage directly within the workspace, space allowing, allows for a clear desk visually which helps with security issues and supports an efficient work process. 


Research suggests employees work more effectively with an organized and tidy desk. Similarly, employees can more easily continue from the previous day’s work through personal desk storage. Different job types will vary on the amount of storage needed, so plan accordingly to ensure the best performance for your employee.


An office should have adequate storage space for their employees personal belongings and work materials.


Workspaces can support storage either directly within the workspace, through storage lockers, or other centralized spaces for storage.

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If you want to learn more, we suggest the following resources:

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